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Juan Dolio Real Estate Rentals

Juan Dolio Rentals is the vacation rentals department of Juan Dolio Real Estate and is located in our new office in Marbella Plaza. Juan Dolio Rentals specializes in long and short term vacation rentals as well as long term permanent rentals for clients intending to spend several months or even years in the Dominican Republic.

Holiday rentals can be as short as a few days or for a week or two. Longer term vacation rentals may cover a few months, especially during the winter months when vacationers from colder climates come to spend time in Juan Dolio.

Over the past few years, Juan Dolio has become particularly popular for vacation rentals with residents of Canada and the United States who appreciate the relaxing atmosphere they find in this very pleasant and welcoming town. Many enjoy the opportunity to explore a real Dominican location and have the experience of mixing with the local community and its residents.

The ability to integrate with the locals, coupled with the lack of traffic and white sand Caribbean Sea beaches enables Juan Dolio to stand out from one of its main competitors, Punta Cana. Punta Cana is a “man made” resort of enormous size protected by tight security, denying access to local Dominicans, other than those who work within the resort. This tends to create a false impression of the country and does not provide a means to really get to know the Dominican culture and history.

You can read more about the differences between Juan Dolio and Punta Cana here at

Vacation rentals in Juan Dolio tend to revolve around Beach Condos or Golf Villas and Apartments. The most popular beachfront condos are located in the Marbella Towers complexes fronting the beautiful beaches. These condos offer 24-hour security and check in facilities, adult and children’s pools, kids play areas and beachfront restaurants. They are just a short and pleasant walk away from the town center with a wide range of restaurants, bars, shopping, banks and other amenities.

If golf is your game the Metro Golf and Country Club provides a choice of villas or condos with full access to the golf course and all the club facilities. There is also a private beach club and restaurant for guests.

Juan Dolio is just 20 minutes from the Las Americas Airport and Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, is 30 to 40 minutes by car or bus.

As a vacation rental destination, Juan Dolio has much to recommend it. With rental rates for beachfront condos very competitive, when compared to other resort towns, it is well worth considering for your next holiday.

Juan Dolio Vacation Rentals offer a very comprehensive rental package, including airport transfers if required, with personal service and on call facilities throughout your stay. All our staff live in the area and can offer advice and assistance to ensure your holiday with us will be one you will remember with the fondest of memories.

Juan Dolio Living

The recently completed Pinewood Indomina’s new world-class film studios and water tank is certain to project Juan Dolio onto the world’s stage and bring an influx of actors, technicians, and support staff needing quality accommodation during filming. The potential for high-income returns on rentals provides an opportunity for property investors which should not be overlooked. Full details of this amazing studio development can be found here

Juan Dolio is in many ways unique in the Dominican Republic enabling visitors and residents from all over the world an opportunity to enjoy a secure environment whilst experiencing the culture, traditions, customs, and way of life of a Spanish influenced Caribbean country.

Juan Dolio is the most talked about beach/golf community in the Caribbean situated 20 minutes from Las Americas International Airport and 45 minutes from Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic.

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